M Contact

M Contact

M Contact Application is designed for organizations. It stores all employee contacts of the organization department wise. An employee can easily find another employee contact and communicate.

An organization need to create account in MContact via Mcontact website and will get admin rule. Admin have to add employee contact and details. It also offers profile system.


Admin: At First organization have to create an account in MContact official site. She/he will get admin rule. An admin have all the access to add, remove, update employee, department and other information.

User: Admin have to add employee and all will be called as user in this app. All User has a profile.

Login: Every user have to log in to use this application. Admin will provide login username and password.

Contact List: Contact tab shows all contacts in a list. By tapping a contact user may directly call or SMS via default call and messaging application.

Department wise listing: In Department tab app shows all the category you have. By tapping a department it expands and shows all contacts listed for this department. User may call any person from the list or send a group message to all by clicking message icon.

Force sync: User may force application any time to sync by clicking in top right sync icon. But it automatically syncs in 8 hour interval.

Logout: User can logout. Logout option exists in bottom of Option tab.

Terms & Privacy Policy: Terms and Privacy Policy to use this app exists in Option tab.  It brings user in Mcontact website Terms and Privacy Policy page.

Utility options: Utility options such as, Manage Contact, Instruction and Manual, Contact Support, and sharing this app exists in Option tab.  Currently some of those action performed via website.