Hindi Khabar

Hindi Khabar

Hindi Khabar is Indian high-quality website for a successful online media resource. Responsive & quick loading. All features are bellow:


Admin Panel: The most important part of news portal. Admin panel is the panel that the News admin uses for news publishing, editing and news sorting. News admin must access the admin panel with valid user name and password. Our developed news portal admin panel is extremely simple and perfect. News admin can easily create new news as well as edit the previous news. And news can be easily adjusted by the news’s importance. The biggest feature is that News Admin can create news using his smartphone. As our developed admin panel supports multi-device.

User Rule: After the entry into the admin panel, a user can perform the tasks that can be executed by user rule. We can provide this rule according to your needs.

Section Wise Page: Sorting section or category wise news is very important. It has been given importance in our developed news portal. Apart from this, separate pages have been created for divisional news.

RSS Feed: The RSS feed is very important for regular news updates to your news portal. You will be able to avail this service on our developed news portal.

Social Share Option: Visitors will want to share news on their social media timeline. Even user want to share a particular part of quotes. The advantage of our news portal is very simple.

User Registration & Comment: You can have the facility of registration of regular visitors to your news portal so that visitors can give their views. Our news portal has the advantages.

Live Streaming Page: Currently, news portals are available to provide live broadcast of their TV channels. The benefits of our news portal are available.

Photo Gallery News: Photo Gallery News is very popular today. Our developed portal includes Photo Gallery News also.

Video Gallery News: Videos are very popular in the news portal. Many visitors visit the news as well as find the appropriate sources of news. In that case, your news portal makes it more popular for visitors to video news delivered to the portal. It is very easy to add video and video gallery to our created portal.

Divisional News: Important headlines are available on the news homepage or cover page. Since all the news places are not compatible on the cover, therefore separate pages are required for section wise or sectional news. Which has been added to our created portal.

Archive News: Visitors will want to read the news on a specific date in your portal. In that case, the date, month and year will be able to see all the news on the given day.

Search Bar: Visitors of the portal can find news through search bar using a specific news and its key word.

Sitemap: Sitemap is the page with links to all the news in your portal. From where you can show all the links to your news portal on one page.

Contact page: Contact page is extremely useful to reach you. Visitors of your news portal will want to contact you for any reason. It is important to have a beautiful contact form. Visitors will be able to inform you about any opinion, through contact form, which will be received immediately in your email.

Responsive Design: It is not possible to show a news site uniformly on mobile, tabs and laptops/desktops. The way your news portal is shown on laptops and desktops, your visitors will have trouble reading the same way on mobile or tab. In that case, the same news is different from the different devices is called responsive. Our separate designs for mobile and tabs will make your news portal more attractive. Thinking about the visitor, our developers have built a nice design that is very supportive for multi-device, which we believe will expand your news portal.

SEO: The most important part is the SEO. You will definitely want your online news portal to show up on top of all in the search engine. In that case, your news site must implement search engine optimization.

Multi Browser Supported: Our designed news portals are multi-browser supported. Visitors can load your news portal without any problems through their favorite browser.

Faster Load: Visitors can withdraw from your news portal if your news portal takes longer to load in the browser. Our news portals have been built keeping in mind this problem.

Security: The most important issue of news site security. Hackers are always active to hack your news portal. In this case, your news portal needs to provide advanced security. Our skilled developers will provide you with advanced security to keep an important issue in mind.

Backup: For some reason, if your site is caught by hackers then you will need to make a quick backup. Our News Portal will provide regular backups to our full service.

Fast service delivery: Our Developers Team will provide you services for 24 hours for any urgent need.

Google Adsense: Our news portals are designed according to Google Adsense measurements. So you can display all the measurements of Adsense. In addition to Google Adsense, other advertisements can use in your news portal.

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