RAK CPL Application

RAK CPL Application

RAK CPL Application is used for store suggestion of certain route and tracking to field representative or sales person. This application help to quick product order. A Sales person has to visit their agent shop in various areas around the country. In the manual system, the dealer couldn’t trace of their representative how many agents visit by his sales person.

This technology can suggest to sales person to showing agent list of his certain routing area. Also can track to sales person. The sales person must scan on QR code tag which is provided before by dealer when the sales person visit to their respective agent shop. A report generated & synchronized when he scanned on QR code & this report auto send to the dealer house on time.

Features available:

Real time product update
Online product order
Track of every visit
Visiting Records
Agents list suggestion of the sales person’s routing area
Sales, order & visiting statistics
And More…

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